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Virtual Reality: What You Need To Know Now

If storytelling is a critical component of your mission, Virtual Reality is a medium that can’t be ignored.  



From Sundance to SxSW, VR is being hailed as “the ultimate empathy machine.”  More than just a novel tech trend, VR is an absolute game changer for any organization with a mission at their core. Here’s why those in the know have already doubled down on VR.


  1. The audience is already there.  Millions of them.  If 1M views on YouTube is your measure of success, VR stats will not disappoint. The Google Cardboard VR app has 25 million downloads already.  The new premium & midrange VR headsets are bringing 3-5M more viewers this year alone.  Compelling, high-production value VR content is benefitting from early entry into this soon-to-be crowded space.
  2. Fundraising with VR generates impressive results.  By integrating VR into street-team fundraising, UNICEF saw donations increase 100% & Amnesty International saw 16% increase in long-term giving. Charity:Water shows their VR experience at galas and to large, private donors. A well-planned VR campaign has the potential to generate long-term passive income.
  3. Storytelling and fundraising with VR is just the beginning.  The Clinton Foundation & Tom’s Shoes used VR to teleport viewers to their work in remote regions.  But VR can also be used to time travel into the future where viewers can see in full 360° clarity the exact ramifications of inaction.  VR is also effective for sensitivity training, changing behaviors, mobilizing advocates, and even virtual rallies or protests.
  4. TDO Productions is the only social-impact focused VR studio.  Our deep domain expertise and subject sensitivity set ups apart.  And our VR creative & production is backed up by the Purpose Collaborative’s full strategy & implementation services.  TDO Productions also curates the forthcoming Human Experience VR channel, the exclusive destination for premium, prosocial VR content. Click to enlarge & download the case study above.

For a quick chat about how to harness the power of VR for your mission -- or to schedule a demo -- reach out directly to  TDO Productions' CEO: Gentry Lane,  

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